Camino Igueste de San Andrés.

A rocky road. A long route where you cannot find a place to hide from the burning sun, a drop of water or anything to hold on to. We do not know how long it is or if we are going to make it to the top or not, we just go on and on. It is the breathtaking scenery that pushes us upper and upper. There is no one else. Just us and the dogs.

I feel the sun melting whatever is left of my former DNA. What am I turning into?

She is ahead with her thoughts. I am behind with my own. Dogs are patient with us.

Semaforo Igueste de San Andres in Tenerife. Hiking days 2013.

From one point further, there are no thoughts left wandering in my mind. I feel easy. For a moment, nothing seems impossible anymore. I remember what one of our priests once said:

Thoughts are like helicopters. They fly around, it is what they do. Just don’t grant them permission to land.

The light. I have never seen the kind of light this island hosts. It is so healing and powerful. It goes directly to your roots and makes you feel at home. It has the power to drag you out of yourself. To help you see, breath and enjoy. It has the force to give life a drop of meaning.

Igueste de San Andrés. A faithful reflection of life.

What am I doing here?

this question never ends.

(excerpt from Camino del Sol)

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