If there are margins, there is beyond.

under the moonlight

Under the moonlight. Street photo shot.

There is something mysteriously magic about the moon. It is a living creature. Here you can feel it more profoundly. Who is the stranger watching it from the other side? I wonder. Will we ever meet? Why should we?

It’s beyond midnight and Butterfly drives slowly on a dark mountain road. I am very curious to read her notebook. A Spanish love song covers the silence between us. It reminds me of Penelope Cruz. Redundant thoughts.

“You always loved the moon!” she suddenly speaks.

“Always. And always wondered why. Don’t you?”

“You know sun is my lover.” She laughs. She is a tropical lizard.

“Do you remember when I made you a princess in that castle?” she asks.

“You made me a crown of wild flowers. My first and last moment as a princess. I am not the type. What were you thinking?”

“The blue of your eyes. What if it was you the angel I’ve been praying for?”

“I know I was not.”

“You were not, but you looked like the one I was dreaming.”

“What was I?”

“Something in between.”

“We were in between.”

“Aren’t we, still?”

“I don’t know where I am. I feel the edges of the margins.”

“If there are margins, there is beyond.”

The greatness of Mount Teide unravels without notice. This moon is its crown. The magnetism of this volcano tells a story in a language my soul hears, but my mind does not understand. Another creature living at 4,000 meters above the ocean and many more behind it.

Billions of stars suddenly surround us under the mesmerizing light of this queen moon. I am sure I can touch the sky. That close it feels. We are close to Observatorio, one of the most notorious astronomy establishments in the world. Its alien architecture leads you to believe you are not here anymore.

I’ve never experienced moon nights this way. The meaning of light just changed its sense.

We sit on a rock covered with a blanket. The dogs can finally rest. I read her never sent letters to my younger self. She reads mine. They are so childish.

She has not changed.

I did. In ways I do not agree with.

(excerpt from Camino del Sol)

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